March 13

Tozen Union and Interac Settle Two Claims in Tokyo Labor Commission



On February 18, 2022 Tozen Union sued Interac in Tokyo Labor Commission for bad faith negotiation. In the following months, we added a number of new claims to the lawsuit. 

2022218 日、東ゼン労組はインタラックを不誠実団交であるとして東京労働委員会に提訴しました。それから数カ月の間に、私たちはこの訴訟に新たな申し立てをいくつも加えることとなりました。 

On March 11, 2024 Tozen and Interac settled two of the main claims in the case. You can read about our claims against Interac here:


Unfortunately, we can’t discuss the details of the settlement publicly, but we can say that our members are extremely happy with the outcome. We look forward to settling the rest of the Labor Commission case in the coming months. 



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